Athena Partners - Wise Timetable

wise timetableA great combination

Athena Management Solutions and Wise Timetable have come together to provide a truly unique approach to managing your student assessment, course management and timetabling.

Why are Athena and Wise Timetable working together?

  • The Athena Course Manager provides a web based platform where all the factors that influence learner achievement are brought together in one easy to use interface. 
  • Wise Timetable delivers optimum timetabling, which is easy to use and integrates into the overall course management process.
  • Together they provide: improved efficiency and reduced costs making your life easier.
  • Together they seamlessly integrate into your environment eliminating many issues with existing systems.

What are the advantages of Wise Timetable?

  • Automated timetable creation
  • Unlimited timetable size (rooms, lecturers, programmes, subject areas, groups, courses, students)
  • Timetable conflicts identified
  • Web publishing schedules
  • Supports an extremely complex hierarchy (programme, subject area, subgroups etc) and arrangement of courses
  • A simple and quick way of sending schedules to lecturers

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