Athena – Fortis Document Manager

Athena – Fortis Document ManagerPowered by US software giant Westbrook

We have taken the best available document management tool from Fortis (developed by Westbrook Technologies) and combined it with our Athena product to deliver a seamless end to end management solution.

Instant access

Immediately find the documents you need with a fully searchable facility. It is both immediate and reliable and readily allows the sharing of information.

Allows Athena to combines paper and electronic formats

It is not always possible to have an entirely paperless learning process so the Fortis Document Manager incorporates OCR technology to read scanned paper forms and allow them to be combined for review within the Athena tool. This provides a truly unique aspect to the learning environment.

Learner, course, and learning outcome details automatically loaded and maintained

Athena can produce your own customised paper forms which once completed can be scanned and the necessary information extracted by Athena-Fortis Document Manager. This is then included as part of the learner achievement record, without the need to manually enter the information in the tracking and review process.

Direct cost savings

The use of the document manager removes the need for the laborious manual data entry of paper based forms and surveys. This can lead to direct cost savings by reducing the time required to perform these tasks. Business process improvements can be achieved as the document manager will enable you to efficiently route documents such as invoices, purchase orders, claims, expense reports and many others.

Scans and stores documents providing access for all

The document manager interfaces directly with Microsoft Office enabling Word, PowerPoint and other documents to be safely stored and to be easily accessed by those who need them. The system can process, store, retrieve, share and distribute computer-generated reports.

Protection against data loss

The document manager allows customers to set up a parallel system of all documents stored on it so that in the event of a disaster, there is no loss of data and you can be up and running with minimal interruption.

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