Athena Learning Management System

Athena Summary Two main functions in one simple package

Athena has primarily two functions - it is both a unique E-ILP and a course review manager tracking the learning journey from start to finish. Many competitor systems only deliver one or other of these functions where as with Athena you only need one simple tool.

Easy to Use

The system is simple and easy to use. It has a fast setup and the tutor and learner interfaces can be quickly embraced. At each step of the process messaging and screen prompts help the user to navigate the system with ease.

Saves real time and money

One of the main advantages of Athena is that it streamlines and standardizes the business process enabling you to save significant man hours. This process improvement can lead to direct cost savings or free up time for other more profitable tasks. Contact us for real life cost savings examples and to get an estimate of savings for your specific organisation.

Interfaces with your existing systems

We know it is essential to the smooth running of a business that any new system ‘talks’ to your in-house host system. We already have interfaces available but if our “off-the-shelf” package does not suit we will develop one with you. Athena can then extract the necessary data such as course or learner details from your existing systems.

Web based and cost effective

As Athena is web based it can be used at any time from any location with internet access. We provide a cost effective hosting solution or the system can be hosted on your own servers.

Easy data synchronization from standalone devices

Athena can be deployed as a standalone on laptops, hand held devices, networks or over the web. This means courses can be run in remote location with the course administration completed on a laptop and consolidated later to the central system reducing the need for manual inputs. The interface is simple with the data loaded on to a data stick or directly to a laptop.

Alerting and process control

Athena helps manage the business process with its own task manager system. This includes at each step of the way email alerts which are generated to help staff and learners undertake reviews and complete outstanding tasks in a timely manner. The alerts significantly reduce administrative effort and follow up time.

Enables both learning and other student related data to be combined

Athena not only has the facility to enter test and assessment scores but it can aid with building timetables, tracking attendance and managing many other student-related data needs in a school.

Build your own surveys and assessment forms

Athena includes an easy to use survey tool set which includes customized electronic forms for delivering initial assessments or indeed any form of assessment, survey or award. Find out more about the Athena Survey tool

Combines paper and electronic formats

With the use of the Athena-Fortis Document Manager you can scan and index paper forms and combine and report on them alongside your electronic documents. The Fortis Document Manager is effectively a web-based document management solution making information readily available to all those who need it when they need it. Find out more about Athena-Fortis Document Manager

You can purchase the Athena Learning Management System as a standalone unit or with the option of the Fortis Document Manager, Athena MIS Reporter and/or the Athena Funding Module.

The Athena MIS system delivers a full reporting function enabling managers to assess business effectiveness quickly and easily. Find out more about Athena MIS Reporter

Athena Funding tool

Helps to collate documentation for funding claims such as apprenticeship funding. Find out more about the Athena funding tool