Athena Kitchen Manager

Kitchen Management Solutions for PrisonsAthena Kitchen Manager delivers immediate Cost Savings and Benefits

Over the past 12 months we have worked with the Prison Catering Staff to evolve the system so that it meets their needs. Specifically; Athena helps with Prisoner Dish Selection, Purchasing, HACCP processes, Kichen Meal preparation standardization, cost management and dish standardization.

Cost Manager

Athena Cost Manager gives you the ability to cost dishes and menus. Within the cost manager, Ingredients are selected with their cost, preparation procedures defined and HACCP processes added. It is a very easy to use process. A repository of dishs can be created which can be used by the local prison or shared with others.

Dish and Meal selection

Paper based and Electronic dish selection are available. Paper based menus take a few hours each week to process. If the electronic system is used further savings can be achieved.

Where will you achieve savings?

On the Wings, Officers' time will be reduced. Movements are tracked automatically via NOMIS and Officers only need to distribute and collect menu forms. In the Kitchen, it takes a few hours a week to scan the menu forms. From the scanned information all operational reporting is generated. You have immediate access to the cost of a dish. This will have an immediate impact as you are able to change ingredients as prices move. Wastage will be reduced


Health and safety is important and necessary. Athena's Production forms tie directly to the Kitchen Journal and the Wing Servery Control sheets. Ensuring there is a complete and comprehensive HACCP trail.


Athena allows you to control your purchasing. From the Scanned or Electronic Dish Selection, purchasing requirements are immediately generated. These can be compared to stock levels and purchasing carried out with accuracy

Workload reduction leading to costs savings

Savings will occur in the Kitchen and in the wings.

Athena working with other prison functions

A major advantage of Athena is that it can be used for other prison functions becasue of its strong scanning, analytical and processng functionality. Scanning forms and analysing the results is the Athena strength.

Extensive Reporting

Athena has the ability to provide extensive reporting on current and past dish selection and purchasing activity.

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