Athena Course Review Tool

Course Review ToolFast track your student assessments - 4 clicks and it’s done

Athena is a powerful web based course review tool. It enables tutors to carry out all student assessments and grading quickly and easily online - from any location. Each assessment is course and learner specific but reviews can usually be completed in as few as 4 clicks of the mouse.

Aids Business Reporting

Athena aids business leaders by delivering reports on the overall status of the business process. It provides an at a glance view of progress and efficiencies. The automated learner and course review manager gives leaders immediate access to learner evidence such as attendance, punctuality, outcomes from action plans, course grades and surveys, as well as tutor and learner comments.

Instant access to learner status

The course review system allows educators to check instantly on learner achievements by course, department, subject or other indicators. Tutors, directors, course leaders and administrators can all securely access the online assessment panel.

Online reviews saving resource

All reviews can be done and shared online, this process improvement will save staff time accumulating data as well as enable savings on paper and photocopying and other materials. Reviews can be one on one or at group level. The system enables full course reviews which will build into a department evaluation (SAR)

Consolidated data means informed decisions

Any number of reviewers can work on the system and these are all consolidated into an overall course and student assessment. By collating data from a variety of sources better decision making can be achieved at individual, department and organisation levels. This can make a difference both during the review period and for ongoing improvements to courses and departments. Moreover Athena can deliver immediate process improvement by eliminating the need to maintain separate reporting systems.

Athena provides a full range of management reports

The course review system will provide reports both at summary and exception level identifying students at risk and high achievers as required. Full breakdowns are available by a selection of criteria such as age, gender, ethnicity etc

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