Athena Electronic Individual Learning Plan (E-ILP)

Individual Learning Plan SummaryFocused on student achievement

The Athena E-ILP is designed to facilitate the tracking, monitoring and analysis of student assessment marks and grades. It focuses on student achievement and brings together all evidence and performance evaluations to help educators to establish action plans leading to better results.

Athena combines academic, soft and work based learning achievements

Athena uniquely combines learning achievements not only from academic courses but also from soft and work based skills activities. It can also produce certificates in recognition of these achievements.

Personalized to every individual

Each learner can access their own calendar, records, targets and learning plan including course materials. Athena allows individual grading making each assessment, learner and course specific. Tutors can also set their own targets, action plans and review dates.

Unique in delivering at every point of the learning journey

From the initial student assessment to the final exit survey the learners’ journey can be mapped and consolidated. At every stage of the process messages and comments can be left serving as a valuable communication tool between learners and tutors.

All course and learners’ information is displayed on the E-ILP

Using the course learning outcomes features:

Learners can

Update assessments
Add comments
Add evidence
Read course documentation

Tutors can

Update tutor assessments
Complete attendance details
Add comments
Set review dates

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