Athena for Corporate & Training Organisations

Solutions for Corporate & Training OrganisationsKeeps track of courses and training records

Athena is a complete training management system providing essential data to keep track of training and development across the organisation. Athena can help regardless of whether you are delivering courses to individuals and corporate clients or if you operate your own internal HR or training department.

No capital outlay required

We can provide a cost effective fully hosted solution for smaller organisations so there is no need for expensive new hardware. Of course Athena can also be hosted on your own servers should that suit your organisation better.

Simplifies compliance training

Keeping all employees up to date on statutory training requirements such as first aid and health and safety can be a laborious task but with Athena the process becomes quick, simple and easy to manage. It can keep track of the whole training process and ensure key skills are kept up to date by sending alerts and reminders.

Streamlines the training process

One of the main advantages of Athena is that it streamlines and standardizes the training process enabling you to save significant man hours. This process improvement can lead to direct cost savings or free up time for other more profitable tasks. Contact us for real life cost savings examples and to get an estimate of savings for your specific organisation.

Athena combines all training activities regardless of location

Regardless of whether training is in-house or off site, course and training data can be saved and uploaded to the Athena system from any location. Internet access provides an immediate upload to Athena otherwise simply save the data to a memory stick and upload later.

Athena produces documentation in one easy to use system

Athena uniquely combines learning achievements not only from academic courses but also from soft and on the job skills activities. From this it can produce your own certificates, surveys, assessments or other documentation.

Aids Business Reporting

Athena aids business leaders by delivering reports on the overall status of the training and career development process. It provides an at a glance view of progress and efficiencies. The automated learner and course review manager gives leaders immediate access to information such as attendance, punctuality, outcomes from action plans, course completion and surveys, as well as individual and managers’ comments.

Consolidated data means informed decisions

Any number of managers can work on the system and their feedback is consolidated into an overall course and employee assessment. By collating data from a variety of sources better decision making can be achieved at individual, department and organisation levels. Moreover Athena can deliver immediate process improvement by eliminating the need to maintain separate reporting systems.

Course Registration

Athena can be used to manage all course registration details and integrate this information with training information and achievements.

Contact us to discuss how Athena can work for your training or business environment.