Frequently asked questions about Athena learning

FAQsCan Athena run on our own server?

The Athena management system can be either implemented as a hosted option running on our servers or as an in-house installation implemented to your servers.

How can you be sure that Athena will save me money?

Athena saves time and effort through process improvements that reduce the need for manual input of documents. By saving man hours direct cost savings can be made or resource freed up for other more profitable tasks. We are happy to show you cost savings we have already made for our clients and can provide estimates of what we can achieve for your organisation. Contact us to find out more.

Will Athena work with my existing student records system?

Athena is designed to link up or ‘talk to’ all your existing in house systems so it can easily collate information and data from your student record systems as well as from a variety of other sources. Contact us if you have a specific need and want to know how it works with Athena.

How long does it take to learn to use the system?

Athena is designed to be easy to use for everyone from students to prisoners as well as for tutors, managers and business leaders. Individual training times vary but usually our clients are up and running within minutes, carrying out student assessments with 4 clicks of the mouse.

I already use Moodle why do I need Athena?

We have designed Athena so that it works with existing systems and programmes within the educational environment. Athena is a complimentary product that enables you to get the best from all your software.

Can Athena be used in a special needs environment?

Our system is also designed for use in special needs environments but there may be occasions where we will need to make changes to overcome specific challenges.

Can I track individual student progress?

Yes absolutely, this is exactly what Athena is designed to do. Its student assessment feature will even flag up exceptions and create alerts so that poor performers or indeed high achievers can be quickly identified and appropriate action plans developed.

Can I combine paper and electronic documents?

With the addition of the Fortis document manager you will be able to scan and read paper documents that can then be combined with online data and forms to deliver consolidated results and information. Our clients find that such process improvements are a real money saver.

Can I provide students with a record of achievement?

Athena can be used to produce all kinds of your own documents such as certificates and records of achievement. This is especially useful for recognising effort made in soft and work based skills.

Will tutors and students find the system easy to interact with?

One of the main advantages of Athena is its ease of use. Once installed clients find it an invaluable tool for communicating between tutors and students aiding the whole learning process and ultimately delivering better results. Student assessments can be completed in as little as 4 clicks.

Can parents access their college child’s progress?

Yes parents can be given access to their child’s E-ILP enabling them to provide in-home support to the learning process.

Does Athena provide cumulative course review data?

Yes Athena can provide data at every level from individual student assessment through to providing a cumulative picture for every tutor, course, and department or at organisation level.

Is Athena only suitable for use in colleges?

No, although primarily developed with education in mind Athena can be used where any kind of monitoring and course review is required. It has been particularly successful in the prison environment. Contact us to find out how Athena can work for your organisation.

Will Athena help to set individual targets?

Yes, Athena is unique in delivering at both individual learner level, as well as providing course reviews for managers. Data can be used to forecast and set targets as well as to review progress at the individual level.

Can Athena generate alerts and flag up target dates?

Yes, Athena aims to save time and money by identifying areas of concern or interest and chasing up automatically to ensure targets and time frames are met.

Can Athena help to set up surveys?

Yes built in to the Athena system is a survey tool which can be used to create bespoke surveys and forms. This is already available within Athena and does not have to be purchased as a separate system although it can be provided as a standalone module should it be necessary.

What level of product support do you provide?

All of our Athena products are fully supported by our team of experts. We are with you every step of the way to ensure Athena delivers all the process improvements and benefits you require.

Why choose Athena?

Athena is unique in a number of respects. Importantly it combines an E-ILP, course review manager and a survey function within one package. Other systems often only deliver one of these functions. With addition of the Fortis document manager Athena is unique in enabling paper and online information to be combined.

How much does Athena cost?

Each solution is developed specifically for the individual customer so prices vary dependent on organisation size. We are happy to discuss our prices with you following a review of your requirements. To find out more contact us to arrange a no obligation free webinar or meeting from one of our experienced personnel.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions not covered here and would like to find out more please email or call us to arrange a no obligation free webinar or meeting from one of our experienced personnel.
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