Educational Learning Contract Manager

Funding ToolTrack Learner Achievements and Monitor Provider Deliverables

Athena provides the ability to register learners, Monitor Deliverable Achievements, Monitor and Control Providers and generate Billing information. Uniquely it integrates with the Athena Student Achievement Tracker to allow Education Providers to interactively monitor student achievements.

Tracking your Provider Performance

To deliver your contract you may utilise several Providers, each with their own Deliverable goal. Interactively, Athena allows providers to register Learners, enter deliverable achievements and track their progress. Quotas and Deliverable goals can be agreed with providers. Once established, performance can be monitored interactively during the course of the project.

Multi Level Monitoring Contract Deliverables

Athena allows you to establish several approval levels. Students, Providers, County Leads, Regional Leads, Administrators and Clerical Team Members. You are able to establish your own administration and approval levels.

Management Information

By delivering process improvements Athena makes it easier and quicker to compile the information needed to support a funding claim.


Alerts can be set at any level within the process. The alerts can be delivered by: email, SMS and login alert.

Student Tracking, Integration with the Contract Management Process

Tracking Student Progress can be included as aprt of the process cycle. Students can interactively track their progess against deliverables and these results integrated with the Contract Management Cycle.

Supporting documentation and learners evidence uploaded

Documentation to evidence the deliverables is necessary. You can upload student evidence, projects, or any other evidence. This can be loaded to the Document Management System for future reference

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