Athena Nutritional and Dietary Manager


By the end of 2016 all organizations preparing and serving food are required to provide diners with nutrition information regarding the dishes they serve. This can be costly and time consuming adding additional pressure and cost to a busy commercial kitchen. Organizations that will be caught include: Independent Schools, Public Schools, colleges, care homes, prisons, hotel groups, restaurants, catering organizations, hospitals and universities.

Athena Ingredient Repository

Athena’s team will maintain your repository. Loading ingredient details from you suppliers and other necessary information. This takes the effort out of maintaining your environment. This is most demanding and time consuming aspect of the new food regulations, is managing the maintenance of the ingredients. We take the hassle out of this process. We manage this process for our clients.

Athena Ingredient repository maintains

Product cost and profile information.
Allergen details
Nutritional information <
Food types and classifications

The Ingredients repository contains a Data Bank of the following references

Ingredient details provided by your suppliers
McCance and Widdowson or the USDA ingredient tables
EuroFIR Nutrient Losses and Gains
And other appropriate research.

Building recipes or dishes in Athena is simple and easy in Athena

Define the dish characterises, such as its name, descriptions, photos
Define and sub dishes, or house products
Add the ingredients

Athena Recipe / Dish Manager

As you are building the dish you can view the Dish Specification, which contains descriptions, visual aids, allergen profiles, full nutritional details, traffic light indicators, costs and methods.

Menu builder and Meal Selection

Building menus is an easy process

Dishes / Recipes can be selected based on Allergen characteristic (All nut free or gluten free dishes) or Type (Vegetarian, Vegan, Heathy, etc.).
You can build menu based specific nutritional profiles. Athena provides templates or population cohort profiles can be built and dishes selected against then. E.g. ensure that all dishes meet the requirements for girls aged 12 to 14 in care or sports menus for performance athletes.
Menus and meal options can be built for special purposes. From specific health menus (e.g. Low calorie, High Protein, etc.) to high performance sports menus.

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