Forecast numbers for an Event or Production Period, Athena will automatically provide profitability and costing analysis, Menus and all documentation, Dish Specifications, Stock check lists, Purchasing requiremenst and all documentation for the selected event or production period.


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Simple Dish Selection Process

Athena provides an easy to use process of creating your menus. Menus can be created for single events, multiple events, a sinlge day or period of time.

The process:

Menus are created for Events, Special menus for Religious and health reasons.

Dishes can be selected and added based on Allergen characterics, nutritional types and values, types of food and ingredient nutritinal values.

Menus once created can be copied. This makes maintaining menus an easy task.

Athena does provide the facility to establish Specific Menus based on specific Allergent profiles. E.g. gluten free menu, etc.

Menus when printed can include Allergens, Dish Pictures, Descriptions, Nutritional values or other details as required.

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Enter your Forecast

Forecasts are entered against dishes for a menu.

Forecasts can be entered for single day, period of time or a specific event.

At any point you can access the cost report which shows by menus and dishes: cost, profitability and forecast quantity

The Supplier analysis report, provides forecast by product, supplier, quantity and cost.

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A full set of operational reports are provided.

Reports include: Event Forecasted Profitability, menus which can include, allergen and nutritional dish profiles.

Operational reports: Dish Specifications, Kitchen Numbers, HACCP, Kitchen procedures.

Purchase requirements, stock check report, pisk lists, Purchases Orders.