Athena provides complete solution to satisfry the smallest school to largest university.


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Student Allergen Protection

Athena provides the facility to ensure that dishes presented to the student do not impact their Allergen characteristics.

The process:

Once a student is aware of the Allergen characteristics and can identify what negatively impacts them we register the student on Athena with the profile

All dishes within Athena will be analysed at an ingredient level to identify which of the 14 allergens they contain.

In the case where the student dishes are Pre Selected from an on-line screen or paper menu, all Allergens are clearly identified, clearly displaying which dishes contain allergens.
For safety: thoses dishes which contain the Allergens that could impact the student will be displayed and identified.

Athena does provide the facility to establish Specific Menus based on specific Allergen profiles. E.g. gluten free menu, etc.

In the case when Meal Pre Selection is not used then menus are clearly identified with Allergen details.

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Parent Portal and Meal Selection

Athena provides the ability for Parents to Select and Order Students meals. It provides that added feature of showing dish nutritional and allergen values at the point of ordering.

Parents can select from Special Diets, Events, Health, Religious and Cutltural menu types.

Based on family circumstances "Free and Charged" meal processing can be implemented. Family circumstances are entered to the system seperately, not at order point.

Full reporting of meal costs and charges are immediately available.

The interface is intutive and can be accessed from the web in or outside the premises.

Athena provides:

  • When selecting dishes the following is displayed: Dish Description, Allergens, Calories and Nutrients.
  • As selections are made the key food labeling, Allergen details and costing details are displayed.
  • Dish selection can be filtered by: date and diet type
  • Once selections are made details are immediately available to the kitchen
  • All ingredient subsitutions are immediately updated.
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Menu Management

Athena provides the facility to create unlimited menus, servings, meals and courses. Giving you unlimited flexibility.

It is simple and easy to use. These are some of the options you have available:

  • Any number of meal types can be created, including: Religious, Health options, Dietary, Vegan, Vegetarian, etc.
  • Any number of meals and services can be created. These can be Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, etc
Maintenance is easy. Menus can be copied, amended and updated as necessary.
Once menus are created they can be printed, using one of the numerous templates. There are no long delays in having menus updated.
When printing menus you can include all of the following

  • Dish pictures
  • Allergen, Caloric and full nutritional details of the dish
  • EU Standard labeling for Calories, Fats, Salt, Sugar, etc.
  • Dish descriptions.

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Hosted or In-House Solution

With Athena you can implement the system as a

  • Hosted or Cloud.
    - The system is totally secure
    - Can be accessed within or outside the organisation
    - You can have your organisation's banners and colours displayed. Thus making the system part of your service offering to students and parents.
    - Click from your web site to the Athena system
  • In-house
    - The system can be installed on your servers
    - We can provide full implementation, training and support

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Costing and Price Management

Athena provides a full costing and pricing module.

Simple and easy to use.

  • Ingredients can be uploaded from catalogues, supplier electronic price schedules,etc,.
  • Dishes and dish costs are simply created and maintained.
  • Apply markup. Cost and prices are automatically derived.
Menus, pricing schedules, forecasts, and all planning reports are immediately available.

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Caloric and Nutritional Analysis

Athena gives you the ability to plan individual dishes and meals based on dish and ingredient characteristics.

        Create meals based on caloric and nutritional values

        Create unique menus and dishes based on Allergens,
            Calories, Food characteristic, food types, etc.

        Once meals are created, customers can select meals and
            dishes based on the pre-defined preferences.
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Paper Based Menus and Meal Selection

In addition to electronic based meal selection with Athena you can use paper based menus and these can be scanned and the results of scans included in the Meal selection details passed to the kitchen and serving locations.

Different menu types can be produced:

  • Pre-selection menus where there are a large number of customers. A selection is made by the customer, and the menu scanned. The system can cover several time periods and meals. E.g. Lunch and dinner. Ideal for Hospitals, Care Homes, Prisons, and Schools.
    The menus can be printed with the customers name and location details.
  • Immediate paper based menu selection is used for single meal selection where the meal selection needs to be scanned immediately processed and proof of selection needed. Or, simply to speed up processing.
  • Non scanned menu forms can be created to display on tables or in prominent serving points.

There are a number of Menu Templates that you can select from. Menu templates can be used for:
  • Weekly menus covering all meal and dishes for a week
  • Daily menus for a single day
  • A menu for a specific meal