Athena is unique. Completely modular and scalable

When utilizing Athena all modules are included. No hidden extras.

Start with the minimum functions and build as you progress

You only need to tell us the functionality which will help you and we help you, to implement it.

Quick Summary of what is included in Athena
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Easy to implement

  • We pre load 1000's dishes that can be copied and modified as required
  • We pre load basic menus and reports
  • Allergen analysis and reporting included
  • Suppliers ingredients will be loaded for you
  • Your web site will be created with your logos and branding
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Powerful Dish Management and Maintenance

  • Very easy to create dishes
  • Immediate results: Dish costs and profitability
  • Allergen analysis immediately available
  • Portion control can be implemented
  • Religious and ethnic profiling available
  • Add dish photos and images
  • Recipes build and print
  • HACCP and kitchen procedures available
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Straightforward Menus creation

  • Define and print your own menus.
  • Any number of menus can be created
  • Cost menus for special events
  • You can select from the existing templates or design your own menu
  • Special laminnating and high quality presentation
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Effortless and Reliable Allergen Management

  • Assurity that the allergen analysis is correct
  • System completely auditable
  • Very easy no fuss process
  • We load the allergen details from your suppliers for you
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Outstanding Pre Selection options

  • Paper or electronic dish selection
  • Paper menus can be scanned and results imediately available
  • Customers can select meals from the web, mobile, or tablet
  • All kitchen reports can be produced from the preselection process
  • Order take away dishes over the web
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Extremely Practical Cost Management

  • Calculate dish cost when defining dishes
  • Calculate Menu costs per event
  • Costs can be based on a forecast
  • Provides immediate profitability of menus and special events.
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Remarkable Kitchen Management functionality

  • Kitchen meal preparation documentation available,electronic or paper.
  • Calculate Menu costs per event
  • All dish preparation documentation available for staff
  • Preparation scheduling
  • Kitchen numbers by section
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Extensive Stock Management functionality

  • Stock control
  • Purchasing requirements based on forward planning
  • Pick list can be generated by day or section
  • requirements are established from
  • Optimum supplier purchasing option analysis
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HACCP: Comphensive, Easy to implement

  • Fully auditable process
  • Three 3 alternative data collections methods
  • Various Kitchen journal format to utilize
  • Athena meets all international standard ISO 22000 FSMS 2005
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Comprehensive Nutritional Management

  • Complete dish and menu nutritional profiles available
  • Automatically load nutritional details from suppliers
  • Use Athena to plan the idea nutritutional diet
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Powerful Profitability Analysis

  • Historic cost analysis provides excellent trend analysis
  • Profitability analysis and alerts
  • Supplier costs automatically loaded
  • Pre and post analysis of cost and profits